ABC dedicates itself to its three core values: voice, value, vibrancy.

These values guide the direction and aim of the Club. As representatives of our students, we strive to be highly relevant to the needs of both the industry and our students. We also seek to be the bridge between the students of NBS, and external corporate and internal school environments.

  • Voice

    We aim to be the voice of all our stakeholders. We Listen to. and articulate the views of the studen. so that everyone can be heard, individually or collectively. We serve as a bridge between the student population and the faculty and we aim to align the interests of both stakehoLders in the construction of the NBS environment and branding. We see the value provided by all the other NBS Clubs and we cater to their needs and assist them in every way possible.

    We try our best to understand and fulfil the needs of all our stakeholders and will always put the concerns of the stakeholders at first.

  • Value

    Apart from making sure our students have fun in school, we also aim to add value to our NBS students in 4 difFerent ways.

    For most students, an undergraduate education is the Last step before they step out to the foreign and daunting working Life. We aim to equip NBS students with the necessary skill and aptitude before they embark onto the next phase of their Lives.

    Striving for outstanding academic grades is part and parcel of University life. We aim to assist our studen. in any way possible, in their drive to strive for excellent grades.

    Character Building
    Building up a good and strong character is as important as getting good grades. We hope that NBS can be identified as a schooL with students of good moral standing, character and as leaders of the future.

    Through the events we organize, we hope to create opportunities for NBS students to network and get to know their peers better beyond the seminar rooms. We see it as an opportunity for NBS students to find others sharing similar ideologies, hobbies and even possible business collaborations!

  • Vibrancy

    University life without some exciting activities tends to be dull and boring.

    This is where the ABC comes in! By organizing carnivals, competitions, give-aways and various activities.

    We hope to hype up the Lives of NBS studen. and instill an eLement of vibrancy into the otherwise uneventful school life. Through this, we aim to create a more cohesive NBS and a stronger NBS spirit!