Freshmen Orientation Camp

The Freshmen Orientation Camp Committee dedicates itself year-long to prepare for the orientation of the next batch of NBS freshmen. They provide fun-filled opportunities through games, as well as chances to embrace the new friends to grab a head start in crafting a rich and fulfilling undergraduate experience.

For more information, please proceed to their website here.


Welcome Day

The Welcome Day Committee collaborates with sophomore and senior students to lead and engage incoming freshmen, and ensure that they fit into the new university routine with ease.


Dinner & Dance

The Dinner & Dance Committee organises a welcome pageant for incoming freshmen, with the aim to provide an enjoyable experience for the new students. They provide the opportunity for freshmen to dress up and meet new friends to prepare for the start of their university life.

For more information, please proceed to their Facebook page here.

Convocation Ball

The Convocation Ball Committee coordinates a bash for graduating students of NBS. This complements Dinner & Dance, by ending their university life with how the students first begin, serving as a final celebration for graduation.