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Library Rules
1. Period of borrow is one month
2. If nobody hold (wait) for the books, users can extend the return date up to maximum 3 month.
3. Every user can borrow up to maximum 5 books.
4. Please contact our librarians first before visit our library ☺
5. Please take good care of our BS Library books.
6. You can check the book list and hold the book through email to me Ntubs-resource@ntu.edu.sg or respective librarians











































































Welcome to NTUBS

Nanyang Technological University Buddhist Society (NTUBS) is a non-sectarian Buddhist society which provides various Dhamma learning experience suitable for NTU community.

It envisions propagating the Dhamma and at the same time encouraging spiritual development.

Walk the journey together with us to learn the noble knowledge, to practice the wholesome actions, to realize the potential and to share the benefits with all beings.

Explore it by yourself. Enhance your campus life with Buddhism today.



Dharma Camp 2014: “Realize Where The Real Lies”

Click for Dharma Camp 2014 Trailer

Have you ever thought of spending you holiday MEANINGFULLY?
Do you want to get along with more SPIRITUAL FRIENDS?
Are you someone who seek the TRUTH in our daily life?

Seek no further! This camp is for YOU!!

Dharma Camp is an annual camp held by NTU Buddhist Society, aiming to explore and to improve the understanding of Dharma by experiencing monastic life.
Some highlights of the event are:

Moreover, you will also be able to find many new spiritual friends in the camp!
Date : 8 - 11 January 2014 (Wed - Sat)
Venue : Beeh Low See Temple
Camp Fee : $10 (inclusive of camp t-shirt, meals, and accommodation and transportation)
Theme : Three Universal Characteristics

So, what else are you waiting for?
Kindly register at the following link by 31st December 2013: tinyurl.com/dharmacamp2014

Should you have any doubts or inquiries, please feel free to contact:

You can also visit Dharma Camp 2014 Facebook page for further information.

Dharma Talk 1 : “Balancing Study and Spiritual Life”

Details for talk are as follows:

Date : 30 October 2013 (Wednesday)
Time : 7.15 pm – 9.30 pm
Venue : Nanyang House, Seminar Room 1
Speaker : Prof (Adj) Yap Kheng Guan
    Prof (Adj) Yap Kheng Guan is an Adjunct Professor at Division of Systems and Engineering Management, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NTU. He graduated from University of Singapore as Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) in 1974, before he obtained his MSc (Construction Engineering) from National University in Singapore in 1980. As a professional engineer, Prof (Adj) Yap Kheng Guan had been involved in many big national scale projects related to his field. He was the Director of 3P Network of PUB (Singapore National Water Agency) and the Project Director of Marina Barrage. Prof (Adj) Yap Kheng Guan is an active Buddhist who has been studying and practicing Buddhism for more than 10 years. He has been a regular speaker in giving Dhamma talks to both adults and young adults in various Buddhist societies and organizations. Currently, he is one of the Vice Presidents of Buddhist Fellowship Singapore.

Should you have any doubts or enquiries, you can contact Vice President Dharma, Benny at 84342310 or or you may drop him an email at ntubs-vp_Dharma@ntu.edu.sg.

We look forward to seeing you during the talk!
May you be well and happy!

Dharma Class 3: “Life of The Buddha”

Buddha, born into the lap of luxury, was well-nurtured all his life in preparation for taking over his father’s throne. Despite that, he gave up everything in exchange for a spiritual path fraught with uncertainties and difficulties. He succeeded against all odds and established a method of practice that brings peace and happiness. By joining Dharma Class 3, we will gain new insight about the Buddha’s life journey, and hopefully be able to apply the lesson learned in our daily life.  

Date : 18 October 2013 (Friday)
Time : 7.15 pm – 9.30 pm
Venue : Tutorial Room 103
    (South Spine, SS1-01-01)
Speaker : Prof. Tan Hun Tong
    Prof. Tan Hun Tong is the United Overseas Bank Chair in Accounting, and also a professor at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. He is also the staff advisor of NTU Buddhist Society. He has been practicing the Dharma and also meditation for quite a long time. He was often invited as speaker for various Buddhism activities. He gave Dharma Talk, titled “Dharma, A Way of Life”, during NTUBS Investiture 2013.

We look forward to seeing you during the class!
May you be well and happy!

Should you have any doubts or enquiries, you can contact Andy (Dharma Propagation Director) at ntubs-dharma@ntu.edu.sg or 93559063.

NTUBS Welcome Tea

Date: 16th August 2013 (Friday)
Time: 6.00-10.00 pm (refreshment is provided)
Venue: Hall 12 Function Hall

Come and join us in welcoming the new members to NTUBS! You will also get a chance to know more about what the committee does, as well as our regular events.

We look forward to your participation for the events!
May you be well and happy!

NTUBS Vesak Celebration & SAP

Vesak Day is the day whereby Buddhists across the world celebrate the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away (Parinirvana) of the Buddha. Through this event, NTUBS and NTUBS Alumni members will get together, rejoice and reflect over the Dharma. 

In addition, we will also be having the Seniors Appreciation Party on the same day, which is meant to appreciate the hard work and contributions of our graduating seniors to our society. All in all, this year’s celebration will be a day of gratitude, towards the Dharma and the graduating seniors.

These are the activities that you surely won't want to miss from our celebration:
  • Bathing of the Prince Siddharta
  • Dharma talk by Venerable Chuan Guan
  • Sharing by alumni
  • Interactive game
  • Certificate giving ceremony to the graduating seniors
  • Lunch and dana offering to Venerable
Date: 19th May 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 9am - 2pm
Venue: Nanyang House Function Room

Kindly confirm your attendance through our facebook event page in order to avoid wastage of food.


NTUBS Exam Supper

Exam is just around the corner. But some of us are still having CAs, mid terms, projects, and assignments due at the last few weeks of school.

Feel very stress about it?

Want to have some FUN and CHILLAX before the stressful exam period comes?
Exam supper: Chillax Session before Exam is the right event for you!
  • MINGLE around with your fellow NTUBS families
  • Relax by playing some interesting GAMES 
  • Enjoy the PERFORMANCE from Fellowship team
  • Scrumptious FOOD from Metta Team
  • and lastly GOODIES BAG from Business team!
Date: 5th April 2013 (Friday)
Time: 19:15 - 21:30
Venue: Nanyang House Seminar Room 1

So, what else are you waiting for? 

COME and JOIN US for the fun!! :)


NTUBS Meditation Class III: Contemplation of Feeling

Come and join our last meditation class this year which will touch on meditation by using contemplation of feelings. Through this different type of meditation, we hope to learn how to be more objective in judging our feelings and more be aware of the impermanence of those feelings.

Date: 25th March 2013 (Monday)
Time: 7.15-9.30 pm
Venue: Tutorial Room 100 (South Spine)

Conductor: Venerable Chuan Guan was born into a Buddhist family in Singapore and graduated from NTU with a degree in Computer Engineering. He was ordained in 2002 (higher Bhikshu ordination in 2003) and stayed in Fa Yun Monastery (New Mexico, United States) learning the sutras and practiced meditation under the Mahayana Buddhist tradition while studying the Theravadin Pali Canon. Returning back to Singapore in 2006, he is currently residing in The Buddhist Library, while giving Dharma classes and meditation classes. Venerable Chuan Guan is also the spiritual advisor to the NTU Buddhist Society and in this year, he had conducted a series of talks for NTUBS members during NTUBS Dharma Camp 2013. Venerable Chuan Guan was also the conductor of our NTUBS Dharma Class VIII and IX.

Should you have any doubts or enquiries, you can contact Benny (Dharma Propagation Director) at ntubs-dharma@ntu.edu.sg or 84342310.


NTUBS Dharma Class X: "The Buddha"

The historical Buddha is far more fascinating than the one told by Buddhist myth makers. He was born into the lap of luxury, was prepared all his life for leadership of his tribe, had a beautiful young family, but gave everything up for a spiritual path fraught with uncertainties and difficulties. He succeeded against all odds and founded a method of practice that bring peace and happiness for any sincere practitioner everywhere and for all time. 

Our last Dharma Class this year will cover who was the Buddha: his life and his achievements. Through this class, we will gain new insights about the journey Buddha had gone through, and hopefully be able to apply the lesson learnt in our daily life.

Besides, there will also be a Dharma Quiz before the class starts!

Date: 22nd March 2013 (Friday)
Time: 6.45-9.30 pm (Dharma Class starts at 7.30pm)
Venue: Nanyang House, Seminar Room 1
Speaker: Sis. Sylvia Bay
has nine years of formal education in Buddhism and holds a BA (Hons) in Buddhist Studies from Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka. Besides, she also holds a Master Degree in International Public Policy. She has been teaching Dharma for 9 years at Mangala Vihara. She is known as an inspiring and captivating speaker that gives regular Dhamma talks at various Buddhist organisations in Singapore such as Buddhist Fellowship.

Dharma Quiz

A 20-minute Basic Buddhism quiz will be conducted before the class. We hope this Dharma Quiz could serve as another platform for you to learn the Dharma in an interactive way, and build your interest in reading Buddhism book! (:
Questions will be taken from the book I Wonder Why which was distributed during Dharma Talk 2 (refer to the attachment). It will be a 10 MCQ quiz with an open-book format.
For those who missed the book distribution, don't worry, you can grab it during the day itself!
Attractive prices will be given for the winners of the quiz!