Dharma Class 6: Dependent Origination: Existence, Arise, Cease

Dependant Origination: Existence, Arise, Cease

Why is there suffering and rebirth?
How things arise and how things cease?
What is the causal chain that bound us in the Sea of Sufferings?

When this exists, that comes to be; with the arising of this, that arises. When this does not exist, that does not come to be; with the cessation of this, that ceases.
(Majjhima Nikāya: 115)

*The class will be conducted in English.

Details for the Dharma Class are as follows:

  • Date: 20 January 2017 (Friday)
  • Time: 19:00 to 22:30
  • Venue: TR 121 (NBS Building SS3-5, Level 1)
  • Speaker: Ven. Phra Goh Chun Kiang (Bhante Adhibalo)
  • Speaker’s Profile:
    • Formerly Publication Secretary & President for Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society.
    • Took 3 refuges and 5 precepts from Khen Rinpoche from Amitabha Buddhist Centre.
    • Learnt Meditation from the branch of the late Ven Amatha Gavesi of Sri Lanka under the guidance of Bro Vajiro (Richard).
    • Awarded higher ordination into Thai Dhammayut tradition at Santi Forest Monastery in Johor, Malaysia.
    • Spent first 5 rains retreats at various forest monasteries in Malaysia and Thailand. Currently residing at Palelai Buddhist Temple in Singapore.
    • A member of the Inter-Religious Organization Youth to promote harmony among various faith groups.
    • Religious Advisor to Buddhist Youth Network, Singapore Polytechnic Buddhist Society, and Palelai Pals

There will be games, song-singing, and sharing session organized by NTUBS fellowship committee. Light refreshments are also provided at the end of the talk. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join this Dharma Class to explore and discover the truth of life and death, rebirth and suffering together with Ven. Phra Goh Chun Kiang!
Should you have any doubts or enquiries, you can contact Bro. Thomas (Dharma Propagation Director) at ntubs-dharma@e.ntu.edu.sg or 94475090.

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