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Get Lost!

Link to Gallery Get Lost! BY KOH JIA XUAN Disclaimer: The article written is slightly exaggerated for entertainment value and has elements of fiction, comedy and sarcasm. As the semester ends and we complete our journey of 2015, it is nostalgic and deserving to reminisce at the events that shaped our university life. One [...]

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The Improv Way: Teamplay

Link to Gallery As the first semester draws to a close, the CN Yang Scholars’ Club would like to take some time to reminisce about our experiences with the club. University extends beyond books and examinations, and on the 21st of October this year, we had a taste of improvised acting. In this [...]

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Haunted Hogwarts

Link to Gallery Earlier in October this year, the CN Yang Scholars' Club Social & Welfare Portfolio successfully organised the annual CN Yang Scholars' Club Halloween event. With ingenuity and creativity, 'Haunted Hogwarts' was immensely successful and we would like to present an account of the event from the perspectives of the Press & [...]

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Gallery: Haunted Hogwarts

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Gallery: The Improv Way: Teamplay

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Gallery: Get Lost!

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BY CNYSC PRESS & PUBLICITY PORTFOLIO The importance of first impressions has been imprinted upon us ever since we stepped into secondary school and had a first taste of etiquette classes. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and judgments about you are finalized within 30 seconds. For most of us, our physical [...]

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Luck, Sense, Effort?

This year, the CN Yang Scholars' Club Press & Publicity Portfolio has been expanded to include our very own writing subcommittee. Our team of 9 passionate young writers will be sharing about their experiences in the CN Yang Scholars' Programme, various science and engineering articles that have piqued their interest, interviews with members of the [...]

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Humans of CN Yang – Mohammad Zaidi

For our next instalment of Humans of CN Yang, we had the privilege of interviewing a prominent member of the Alumni Association, Mohammad Zaidi. He served as the President of the CN Yang Scholars’ Club (3rd Executive Committee) and is the current President of the Alumni Association. In this interview, Zaidi shares about his experiences [...]

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Gallery: Illimité

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