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Link to Gallery A*STAR IMRE 2016 BY AMRUTA Materials Science is one of the most multidisciplinary fields of expertise present in the world today, being ubiquitously applied in vocations such as Chemical, Biomedical, Mechanical and of course, Materials Engineering. With the help of the Outreach Portfolio of the 9th Executive Committee, the CN [...]

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Danza Dolce 2016: Part Learning, Part Awkward Missteps, All Fun

Link to Gallery Danza Dolce 2016 BY UNNAVA VENKATA RAMANA NITIN Let me say, just for the record, I have never ever been to a professional dance class before; so when the Holistic Development Portfolio announced that it was holding an introduction to Ballroom dancing I had no idea what to expect. The words [...]

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IBM 2016

Link to Gallery IBM 2016 BY LAURENSIA ANJANI REVIEWED BY CAMILLE MAU Wednesday, 5th October 2016 was unlike any ordinary Wednesday for the seventeen of us. After having our patience tested during the Distillation experiment in the morning, we excitedly rushed back to change out for our trip to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)! As [...]

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Gallery: A*STAR IMRE 2016

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Gallery: Danza Dolce 2016

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Duke-NUS 2016

Link to Gallery Duke-NUS 2016 BY TAN TIMOTHY JAMES CO On 30th September, CN Yang Scholars Club enjoyed a visit to Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, which was organised by the Outreach Team of the Ninth Executive Committee. The visit provided us with a better understanding of the various opportunities in reading Medicine at the [...]

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Gallery: IBM 2016

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