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Gallery: D&D 2017 – Foodyssey: Around the World

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Homecoming 2017

Link to Gallery Homecoming 2017 BY AMRUTA Homecoming – a yearly event that allows alumni to return, reminisce and recollect - is truly one that resonates with its literal name. This year, the Outreach portfolio of CNYSC organised Homecoming 2017 on 3rd February at the Function hall of CresPion, spanning throughout the evening from [...]

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Gallery: CNYSP Exhibition 2017

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Defend Yourself 2017

Link to Gallery Defend Yourself 2017 BY NG HAO EN JAMES Most Singaporean sons might have the mentality that, “I went through Basic (or Intermediate) Close Combat Training in the military! I don’t need another event like this to teach me self-defence!” However, the session did not disappoint. Our instructor for that day was [...]

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Gallery: Homecoming 2017

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