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JUMP, CN Yang! 2017

Link to Gallery JUMP, CN Yang! 2017 BY CAMILLE MAU When we think of any phrase involving the word “jump”, the one which immediately comes to mind is “jump for joy”. Indeed, it is fitting that the final event of CN Yang in the 2016/2017 school year is titled “JUMP, CN Yang!”. We jump [...]

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Gallery: CNYSP Tea Party 2017

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Suit Up 2017

Link to Gallery Suit Up 2017 BY RACHEL HEW JIA YI Those who know me know that I like shopping, and that I really like food too. Hence, participating in Social and Welfare’s very own rendition of the classic game, Angel and Mortal (A&M): Poker Face, provided me with the perfect opportunity to not [...]

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Gallery: JUMP, CN Yang! 2017

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