Yoga Session by Ohmsantih Yoga

Link to Gallery BY YEO KAI WEN, BEVERLEY “Pfft, yoga? Isn’t that the one where old people just randomly prance around in spandex on rubber mats?” I think my initial thoughts when faced with the word “Yoga” went something along those lines. Well, I wasn’t very excited about yoga at first, and being a serial exercise-hater, I was more than reluctant to put my name … Continue reading Yoga Session by Ohmsantih Yoga

CNYSP US Learning Trip 16/17

Link to Gallery The Science of Art and Beauty: How Ways of Seeing Inspires Ideas BY WAN XIU WEN JEANNETTE One idea struck a chord in me during this educational trip: to truly inspire, science must not just be “interdisciplinary” in our typical understanding of the term (i.e. a mixture of the sciences and engineering), but must touch the realm of the arts through its conception to its delivery. We must appreciate the importance of … Continue reading CNYSP US Learning Trip 16/17

πrates: Quest for Lost Treasure!

Link to Gallery BY UNNAVA VENKATA RAMANA NITIN “Yarr, me hearties! Set sail for adventure!!!” The scholars arrived early on the morning of 14th October 2017 for an exciting day of fun activities that had been planned out by the Special Projects Portfolio. The majority of the event was a pirate themed scavenger hunt in which the scholars went to four different locations (South Spine, Hive, … Continue reading πrates: Quest for Lost Treasure!