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Gallery: JUMP, CN Yang! 2017

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Gallery: Suit Up 2017

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There, Dare! 2017

Link to Gallery There, Dare! 2017 BY UNNAVA NITIN When the sign-up survey came out, one of the questions on it was ‘How scared of heights are you? (1=Not scared at all and 10=AAARGGHHH)’. I thought to myself “Psh, I’m not that scared of heights…” I mean, I could look down from the 7th [...]

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D&D 2017 – Foodyssey: Around the World

Link to Gallery FOODyssey: 27th of February, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel BY KOW ZI SHAN Promised with a night of good food and good fun, over a hundred of us streamed into the reception area. When our daily school attire was usually nothing more than T-shirt and jeans, it was exciting to see over [...]

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ReBO 2017

Link to Gallery ReBO 2017 BY PANG JINGYI A close-to-5-hours workshop was indeed worth it for a person who is kind of clueless in terms of personal branding, like myself. I am sure many people ask themselves these few questions when they are planning to write their resume: What qualities do I write on [...]

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Gallery: There, Dare! 2017

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Gallery: ReBO 2017

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Gallery: D&D 2017 – Foodyssey: Around the World

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Homecoming 2017

Link to Gallery Homecoming 2017 BY AMRUTA Homecoming – a yearly event that allows alumni to return, reminisce and recollect - is truly one that resonates with its literal name. This year, the Outreach portfolio of CNYSC organised Homecoming 2017 on 3rd February at the Function hall of CresPion, spanning throughout the evening from [...]

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Gallery: CNYSP Exhibition 2017

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