2019 Overseas Trip: SUSTech, China

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Stepping into the unfamiliar culture of Shenzhen and SUSTech was daunting at first. Along the way, we were welcomed by staff and students alike. It was amazing to see – everything from the futuristic technology in the laboratories to the beautiful architecture in the city. The trip opened my eyes to Shenzhen’s and SUSTech’s dedication to making progress, one step at a time.

Ming En:

From the 10 days trip to Southern University Of Science and Technology (SUSTech), I am attached to Professor Liang Yu who guided me in the studying of the Aerofoil as well as the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Aircraft. It was an eye-opening experience for me as it was my first time studying different Aerofoils, understand the properties of different 4 digits series NACA Aerofoils and having hands on experiment controlling the small scale aircraft to understand how VTOL aircraft works. Professor Liang Yu is very encouraging and he is willing to take his time off to make sure i understand what i need to know as a Year 1 Aerospace Student. I would like to thank NTU and CN Yang Scholars Programme for the opportunity given for an Overseas Learning Research Trip to SUSTech.


The visit to SUStech is definitely a memorable experience for me. Not only did I learn more about high-throughput synthesis, but most importantly I had an enjoyable time with people in the lab. Everybody was very willing and helpful in bringing us around and explaining the different facilities. We also had interesting discussions on various ideas and topics.


The picture above shows the images of the blood vessel and collagen from the rat ear. This is done through double photon microscopy, where such equipment is rarely used in my field of study in Singapore. In addition, this picture is taken during one of classes conducted by Prof Wu, the prof I am attached to for this trip. The picture above summarized the wonderful and colourful experience I had work with prof Wu and his post doc Dr Chen in his lab, as I have the privilege to experience thing that I would not have been able to when in Singapore, such as operating the double photon microscope, preparing the lab mice for injection of the polymer dots and many more. All in all, I had a great experience in learning how SUStech lab operates and the field of Polymer dot research.


The SUSTech faculty members and students were very welcoming. They brought us for meals, tours and visits to Artron Centre and DJI. The SUSTech trip was memorable as all of us were able to immerse in the local culture and arts scene, as well as enjoy delicious Chinese cuisines.