D&D 2015 – Down the Rabbit Hole

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Looking at all the posts of Dinner and Dance’s past, there was no denying the trepidation and hesitation the organising team had in living up to the expectations. Even by the side of formidable comrades, the unfamiliarity of the battle stood daunting. In every sense of the word, it was really scary. I wish I could say that the hardest thing to overcome was the indecision over the theme, and in some sense it was true, my fickle nature spared no thought for my worrisome heart, and after contending with the likes of Bollywood singing and inauspicious Mexican festivals, we had finally decided on the simplest updo: a black, white and red ball.

While I am in no position to say that the ball was the best thing since green’s theorem, I was glad it was certainly smooth and orientable. Wonderland might not foretell the most predictable and appreciable events, but I’m grateful for our sporting audience, who took the mystery drinks and haphazard prizes with surprising valour and humour. On our side, our nerves had reserved ring side seats for the entire day, and after a day of fervent hoping and a 10km marathon around the ballroom, my nerves were reduced to shreds. Not everything followed the rigorous plan, but after getting over the embarrassing moments (which shall never again be acknowledged) and making last minute changes, it all worked out somehow. Nonetheless, I truly appreciated everything that conspired to help our event become a reality, be they good or better, slow or fast, and lucky or otherwise.

But before we are ready to close this chapter, many thanks still needs to be said. This year’s dinner and dance would not have been possible without the help of the organising team, the executive committee of CN Yang Scholars’ Club and the CN Yang office. The aid they have contributed is invaluable and greatly appreciated. It’s also great relief to hear from some of you, thanking the committee for the food and the fun night out and leaving with velvet photos full of goofy smiles.

Well, till next time. Yours truly.

This article is written by our Press & Publicity Assistant Director Jodie Tan, who also chairs the organizing committee for Dinner & Dance 2015.