CN Yang Scholars Alumni Association (CNYSAA) was formally launched on 8th March 2014. It aims to gather and reconnect the alumni members from the CN Yang Scholars Programme and also to forging strong ties with our current scholars through these objectives:

  1. To be the anchor and network for NTU CN Yang Scholars graduates who share the common vision of the Association
  2. To provide assistance to our existing undergraduate scholars in academic support and career guidance and opportunities
  3. To raise awareness of the CN Yang Scholars Programme and its scholars to be the scholarship programme of choice locally
  4. To inspire our existing undergraduates scholars and cultivate their research interest through various means such as Research Mentorship by Alumni members

The association organises activities through the year to promote the interests of alumni, while enlisting their support for the progress and development of their alma mater, CN Yang Scholars Programme.


Appointment Name
President Mohammad Zaidi
Vice-President cum Treasurer Tan Ming Han
Honorary Secretary Tee Chin Yun
Member (Class 2010 Representative) Cheryl Seow
Member (Class 2010 Representative) Veronica Koh
Member (Class 2011 Representative) Audrey Lim
Member (Class 2011 Representative) Garen Kwan
Member (Class 2012 Representative) Andre Lim
Member (Class 2012 Representative) Alvin Pee
Member (Class 2013 Representative) Wong Kin Keong
Member (Class 2013 Representative) Timothy Ng

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