Master Chef Yang!

Link to Gallery BY JOSEPH SEBASTIAN ANG During Master Chef Yang, we were taught how to make three (relatively) simple dishes – focaccia with salmon rillettes, pan-seared ribeye and tiramisu. We observed the chef create these dishes and then recreated them ourselves. It was easier since all ingredients were prepared for us, but there were still many things to look out for. Having a group … Continue reading Master Chef Yang!

Homecoming 2019

Link to Gallery BY QUAH JIA YONG CN Yang Homecoming Day 2019 happened on 8th Feburary 2019. It was nice evening of catching up with old friends (especially for the alumni) and filled with good food and light-hearted banter. For us undergraduates, it was interesting to see how our seniors have assimilated into the “adult working world”, out of the CN Yang shell we called … Continue reading Homecoming 2019