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Record Attempts by Kenneth Ooi

Records in this post: Fastest Time Taken to Eat a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger Fastest Time Taken to Solve a Rubiks Cube 1-handedly Fastest Time Taken to Solve a Rubiks Cube ~ - ~ - ~ On 24 January 2017, Kenneth Ooi Wen Rui (Year 2) met up with the Special Projects Directors to attempt to set [...]

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CNYSP Scholars Go Back to School: The 21st B.C. (bef. CNYang)

Link to Gallery The 21st B.C. (bef. CNYang) 2017 BY TAN TIMOTHY JAMES CO What better way to kick-start the beginning of the second semester with a sentimental Back to School event jointly organised by the Social and Welfare, Special Projects, and Press and Publicity Committees of the CN Yang Scholars’ Programme (CNYSP)? The [...]

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Gallery: Defend Yourself 2017

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Tailored for a Better Me

BY CHIN CHUN HWEE Personal grooming is the embodiment of respect for self and for others, because it is about how I want to present myself. It exudes self-confidence and gives others a good impression on first meetings. Knowing that I will need to give formal presentations and attend interviews in the future, I grasped the [...]

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Most Number of Consecutive Chapteh Kicks

Most Number of Consecutive Chapteh Kicks - 21 - Dong Weien (Year 1) - 12 January 2017 - (AY16/17 S2) Dong Weien from Year 1 set the second record in the CNYSP Records! by achieving an impressive high score in the Special Projects Portfolio's Records Introductory Game - chapteh-kicking! Known as the game of our parents' [...]

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Most Number of Marshmallows Stuffed into One’s Mouth

Most Number of Marshmallows Stuffed into One's Mouth - 11 - Lou Wei Hao Darren (Year 2) - 12 January 2017 - (AY16/17 S2) Darren Lou from Year 2 set the first record ever in the CNYSP Records, by having the most number of marshmallows stuffed into his mouth! This record was achieved during the CNYSC's Back [...]

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Gallery: The 21st B.C. (bef. CNYang) 2017

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Nightlock 2016: CN Yang Halloween

Link to Gallery Nightlock 2016 BY MELDON WEE Time stopped, and the night began A place for fun, a meeting of friends Filled with laughter and screams right till the end When the night stopped and time began As the clock showed half past six, CN Yangers from all over campus streamed into the [...]

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Humans of CN Yang – Pratham Sabannavar

BY CNYSC PRESS & PUBLICITY PORTFOLIO It’s the last week of the semester and we are bringing you the next instalment of Humans of CN Yang! We had a really enjoyable session with Pratham Sabannavar, a Year 2 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) student and the President of the CN Yang Scholar’s Club (9th Executive Committee). [...]

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Gallery: Nightlock 2016

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