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Duke-NUS Visit

Link to Gallery Duke-NUS Visit By TAN SEET YNN Duke-NUS has always been a close friend to the CN Yang Scholars Program, with annual visits scheduled for our scholars to ask questions about the programmes offered there. This year was no different, with 12 of our scholars dropping by to find out more [...]

September 18th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

The PEW! War

Link to Gallery The PEW! War BY TU WEI HAN Pew! Silence fell in this dimly-lit room. Everyone was aiming down the barrel intensely. My heart pounded harder than ever. I could feel blood rush into my brain, giving heightened awareness and sight in the darkness. Droplets of sweat streamed down my cheeks. [...]

May 12th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments


Link to Gallery Bunnyval BY YEOH KIRK MING As the semester is coming to an end soon, it is once again time for the last major event of the semester before exam period is here and everybody disappears to become a closet mugger. In contrast to the traditional Angels & Mortals event in [...]

April 6th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

Making Cents

Link to Gallery Making Cents: A Financial Literacy Workshop BY TAN ZHAO KUANG Earning money is hard, keeping money is harder. Financial literacy is a skill we all need in our daily lives, especially as we start earning money and taking up more responsibilities. The Holistic Development Portfolio is proud to present to [...]

March 16th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

Yang Idols

Link to Gallery Yang Idols BY SOWMYA SRINIVASAN IYER As you enter the hall, pictures of your favorite childhood cartoons surround you, flooding your mind with nostalgic memories from back then. Seeing new friends in their old uniforms, fondly remembering their pre-CN Yang days, it was truly a night to remember. The small [...]

March 3rd, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

SingNYang: A Cappella Singing Workshop

Link to Gallery SingNYang: A Cappella Singing Workshop BY ISHA SINGH LE XUE Singing is a passion for many people, whether as a bathroom solo singer or as part of a larger choir or an A Cappella group. Yet for most people, it is rare to hear of singing lessons the way one [...]

February 10th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

CNYSC Alumni Homecoming 2018

Link to Gallery CNYSC Alumni Homecoming 2018 BY NG DEWEY There's nothing like a place we can call home. For all CN Yang scholars, CresPion halls is a place which all scholars have called home at least once. On the 2nd of February, scholars from past batches were invited to come “home” once [...]

February 3rd, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) Visit 2018

Link to Gallery Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) Visit 2018 BY GOH YING TING We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to visit the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) at A* STAR. As a computer science undergraduate, I was undeniably eager to learn more about the various research studies and [...]

January 25th, 2018|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) Visit 2017

Link to Gallery Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) Visit 2017 BY CHAN JUN YU SERIS is the key institute in Singapore focusing on applied solar energy research. It is located at National University of Singapore (NUS), having operations over several floors. Unlike other solar module manufacturing factories, SERIS is more oriented [...]

November 3rd, 2017|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments

Halloween 2017 – The PUrGe

Link to Gallery Halloween 2017 - The PUrGe BY JOSEPH SEBASTIAN ANG The Crespion Function Hall was still the function hall that I knew when I got there, but the decorations made it somewhat different. For that night only, the spirit of Halloween was in the air (although some might be amused that [...]

November 2nd, 2017|Events, Front Slider|0 Comments