CNYSP FOP 2019: Etherium

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CNYSP FOP was the first NTU FOP for many of us, and in my opinion, it was a great start to the series of FOP camps. CNYSP FOP was also nice in the sense that the OGs are extremely small compared to that of Big 4 and most faculty camps, and it really gave us a great opportunity to get to know our future classmates better. 😊
In addition to the standard FOP games, there were some games played during CNYSP FOP that were exceptionally creative and innovative. Some games required us to think critically, such as by giving us riddles or puzzles to solve, and this helped to better forge camaraderie as well as it encouraged discussion between us to help our OG progress. These games were what made CNYSP FOP more memorable.

Strategising a plan of attack?

Something else special about the CNYSP FOP is the highlight event, where for this year, we went to St. Games! It was a wonderful evening of just hanging out and playing games with friends from both my own OG and other OGs! I got to know more people better during our time spent at St. Games as it was really just some time to spend on our own without having any particular quests or tasks to complete.
Overall, CNYSP FOP is a unique FOP that was definitely worth going for, and I am looking forward to being part of planning next year’s FOP!

Beach day!

Zhen Xuan:

Looking back to the CN Yang Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) 2019, I realize that it was one of the highlights of my university life so far. CN Yang FOP 2019 held so much meaning to me, especially since it was the first encounter I had with my batchmates, and that it marked the start to my university journey.

Prelude to MnT?

CN Yang FOP 2019 gave me the opportunity to meet and bond with my batchmates. I fondly remember the first day of the event, when the check-in to hall was delayed. While we were waiting, many of us got to sit down and introduce ourselves. In hindsight, that gave us the platform to get to know more people outside the orientation groups, and I was able to meet my good friends who I could share my ups and downs with. Furthermore, through the various games and activities, I was able to get to know my orientation group members better.

Lastly, CN Yang FOP 2019 was a fun and enjoyable event. I hope that future batches will also enjoy the event as much as the seniors have, and hopefully the fun traditions can continue to be passed down as well.