Duke-NUS Visit 2019

Link to Gallery BY TAN WEI HENG JERRY Kicking off the first industrial visit of the school year, 10 CN Yang Scholars visited Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School located near Singapore General Hospital to learn more about its unique MD, MD-pHD and pHD curriculum. What sets Duke-NUS apart from other medical schools is its central “Clinician-First, Clinician-Plus” vision. They believe that graduates are first competent clinicians, … Continue reading Duke-NUS Visit 2019

2019 Overseas Trip: SUSTech, China

Link to Gallery BY CARISSA, JOAN, MING EN, SHAUN, AND EIDEN Carissa: Stepping into the unfamiliar culture of Shenzhen and SUSTech was daunting at first. Along the way, we were welcomed by staff and students alike. It was amazing to see – everything from the futuristic technology in the laboratories to the beautiful architecture in the city. The trip opened my eyes to Shenzhen’s and … Continue reading 2019 Overseas Trip: SUSTech, China

2019 Overseas Trip: Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Link to Gallery BY REUBEN, TEDDY AND CLAUDIA Reuben: Nearly halfway across the world, our visit to Karolinska Institutet was both refreshing and awe-inspiring. We were greeted with lovely hospitality from not only our campus tour guide, but also the staff and students there who were all eager to share with us about the research institute. With its stunning façade and cutting-edge research facilities, our … Continue reading 2019 Overseas Trip: Karolinska Institutet, Sweden