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The sun rose to clear, cloudless skies. Proceeding next to scorch the very ground we were to play upon in a matter of hours. That was how our day of sports, fun and laughter began.

Everyone gathered early at the seats before the running track. They clustered in their little teams, wearing their programmes on their shirts with pride. It was a giant buzz of activity, if you tried to sieve through it all you could catch snatches of tactics discussions and pep-talks as excitement began to build, revving everyone up for the games ahead.

And soon the competitive games had begun, with floorball, street soccer and basketball beginning simultaneously. Even with the harsh sun glaring down at the players in the courts below, they put in their all, some even showing off fancy footwork and playing with great finesse overall. Though floorball was tucked away in the shade of the Sports Recreational Centre Hall, that didn’t mean they played with less tenacity. Soon after floorball ended, volleyball began swiftly, there was never a quiet moment in the hall. The high tempo of all the games kept audiences at the edge of their seats and onlookers cheered passionately for their respective teams.

But the competition wasn’t the only focus. After lunch, participants from the various programmes were mixed and sorted into clans. This was all in preparation for the non-competitive games. With games such as Captain’s ball, Frisbee and a large-scale free-for-all Capture the Flag, new friends amongst the participants were definitely made.

With the grand finale over, it was time to present the champion with their well-deserved trophy. Teams from the Renaissance Engineering Programme, proudly carried home the Challenge Shield, bearing the title of the overall champion of this years Sports Day. But who next year’s champion would be, is really anyone’s guess.