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Our executive committee organised a homecoming event this year, inviting our alumni to revisit their alma mater and to reconnect with old friends. There were photo exhibitions, chock full of precious memories: of old orientation camps, dinner and dance events, and group photos of the different years. They were displayed neatly, attracting the attention of many alumni and CN Yang students— So this was what it was like then. As students now, when we look at our alumni, we too feel a sense of achievement and ambition. Will we be as successful, and lead as fulfilling lives as they do? Did they ever feel as confused about life as we do now? And the star question of the day: Just how did they overcome all those tremendous obstacles we know as our CN Yang modules???

Our alumni also prepared mini talks for our students, telling their story of how they came to graduate and pursue their ambitions, be it in pharmaceutical industries, research, banking or even foreign affairs. As it turned out, we were all surprisingly similar, sharing the same love for all things pun, nerdy and all round fun. We were all daunted by the future, about holding jobs, family, and having balance. We saw in common our tenacity in all things challenging and investigative. I guess that is how we roll!

The morning was spent in happy reminiscence and in the company of great food and greater friends. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and even our first CN Yang baby, whose parents both graduated from the pioneer batch of this CN Yang programme, had a whale of a time, being the centre of attention wherever he went! Even though the purpose of this programme was to take home some memories (and our alumni did, literally, bringing home the photos we had printed for them), we made more memories that day. May the connections we made that day never be lost and we shall you all again soon!