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Who We Are

We are one of the two support clubs under NTU Cultural Activities Club.
We provide sound live reinforcement services for their fellow students in NTU, supporting concerts and other events both within the school and externally. We provide training for members in audio engineering and in the use of our equipment. The club has grown greatly over the years, and we always seek new areas and opportunities to provide better service and to allow the members to gain exposure to new situations.

Our Mission

We aim to provide professional live-sound reinforcement for everyone and help make NTU a more vibrant campus!
Recently, we’ve moved to DJ-ing and on location film recording as well. We hope to go a step further and help promote the vibrant arts and performing groups in NTU by producing live-sound and video recordings which will be posted online.

Latest Updates

Recess Week Cohesion

During the recess week, we had our cohesion @ Playnation and dinner at 18 Chefs! check out the pics! Thanks to Emilia and Sathish for planning not forgetting Joanna for …