Welcome to the official website of the NTU Debate Squad IVP. The members of the squad represent Nanyang Technological University at all major debating tournaments.

NTU Debate Squad at Dorothy Cheung 2011

The website contains our progress, updates and other useful resources.

Whether you’re just dropping by, interested in joining us for training, or in sponsoring us, do feel free to explore the site, and to contact us if needed.

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NTU Debate Squad Updates:

Squad Sessions:

Sessions Begin!

NTU Debate Squad practice sessions begin once again on the  11th of January 2012!

Venue: TR 16
Timings: 6.30 on every Wednesday and 1.30 on every Saturday

Website Updated

We would like to apologize for not having the website updated for the past few weeks. All the motions discussed and debated on have been added to the Debate Tracker.



Holiday for Chinese New Year

Hi all,

In light of the Chinese New Year holidays, there will be no session on Saturday, 5th February.

Session on Wednesday, 2nd February is compulsory for all except those of you who have reunion dinners and family gatherings on the day. If so, please let us know in advance about your absence.


Squad Admin


British Parliamentary Season

The NTU Debate Squad spends its first semester practicing and participating in tournaments which follow the British Parliamentary style of debating. NTU participates in various local tournaments such as NTU Pro Ams and international tournaments like the World Universities Debating Championship.

NTU Pro Ams 2011
Breaking Teams:
NTU K (Swetha Balachandran and Jeremy Tan )
NTU G (Prashanth Jayaraman and Sanchita Shandilya)

Winning Team:
NTU H (Rohit Gadre and Vaishnav Sunil)

Congratulations to both Rohit and Vaishnav!

SMU BP IVs 2011
Breaking Teams:
NTU B (Prashanth Jayaraman and Udit Batra)
NTU E (Dhruv Bindal and Sanchita Shandilya)

Teams in Final:
NTU A (Swetha Balachandran and Arvind Raghavan)
NTU C (Rohan Jain and Anjalika Singh)

Summer Tournaments 2011

NTU participated in a number of tournaments between May and August including the United Asian Debating Championship and Australs. NTU contingents were extremely successful throughout the season and our achievements in the summer tournaments were as follows:

United Asian Debating Championship:
Breaking Teams:
NTU A (Arvind Raghvan, Swetha Balachandran and Abhishek Nanda) – Quarter Finalists
NTU C (Prashanth Jayaraman, Angelique Teo and Vihasini Gopakumar)

Breaking Adjudicator:
Dhruv Bindal

Vihasini Gopakumar was also ranked the 11th Best Speaker of the tournament!

Great Serdang Debate Championship
Breaking Team:
NTU A (Only team sent – Udit Batra, Prashanth Jayaraman and Rohit Gadre)

Breaking Adjudicators:
Angelique Teo (Adjudicated the finals of the tournament as well)
Haiyang Yu

Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championship
All 3 NTU teams ended with 5 wins and 3 losses and were well within reach of breaking.

International Intramuros Intervasirty
Both NTU teams broke in the tournament
NTU A (Rohan Jain and Arvind Raghvan)
NTU B (Sneha Gururaj and Madhura Bhave)

Breaking Adjudicator:
Manik Jain

NTU Dorothy Cheung Debating Championship 2011

The NTU Dorothy Cheung Debating Championship was held on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2011.

NTU A (Arun, Jayesh and Anindita ) won the tournament!

Four other NTU teams broke significantly high on the tab including:

Semi Finalists:
NTU B (Udit Batra, Manik Jain, Anjalika Singh)

Quarter Finalists:
NTU A (Arvind Raghavan, Abhishek Nanda, Swetha Balachandran)
NTU D (Zhuang Erjin, Shreeranjani Krishnamoorthy, Milind Ganjoo)
NTU E (Rohit Gadre, Sneha Gururaj, Madhura Bhave