Current Earthlink Events


AREaS Case Challenge

AREaS Case Challenge is an educational offshoot of ERI@N outreach program which aims to:
-To improve the design of renewable energy solutions.
-To raise awareness of disaster-stricken communities in ASEAN.
-To understand the possible effects of climate change and how they affect our livelihood.
Participants will have to form groups of 3-5 people (team of multiple disciplines are encouraged) to design a concept of renewable energy solutions to help the disaster-stricken communities in ASEAN.

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Recent Earthlink Events


Macau Students’ Visit to NTU

Earthlink NTU hosted a group of high school students from Macau on the 1st of August. As part of their journey to learn about sustainable development in Singapore, they visited NTU to find out more about the efforts taken by the university in promoting such efforts.

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