Current Earthlink Events


AREaS Case Challenge

AREaS Case Challenge is an educational offshoot of ERI@N outreach program which aims to:
-To improve the design of renewable energy solutions.
-To raise awareness of disaster-stricken communities in ASEAN.
-To understand the possible effects of climate change and how they affect our livelihood.
Participants will have to form groups of 3-5 people (team of multiple disciplines are encouraged) to design a concept of renewable energy solutions to help the disaster-stricken communities in ASEAN.

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Recent Earthlink Events


Keep Them E-Live

Earthlink NTU held Keep Them E-Live on 10th and 11th of February 2015. Keep Them E-Live was an event organized by Earthlink’s Recycling Division, with the theme being the recycling of e-waste. The overall objective was to raise awareness regarding the recycling of e-waste and its various benefits. Also, the event was held to encourage the NTU community to become supporters of the recycling of e-waste and to practice it in their daily lives.

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