Waste Trail Journey III : Pulau Semakau

In the summer break last month, Earthlinkers and NTU students were fortunate to be given the opportunity to visit Semakau Landfill. The visit was a collaboration between Earthlink NTU and V360E Initiative by Student Community Engagement Office, and was also the final destination of the 3-part Waste Trail Journey. Participants learnt about the various scientific research on the island, the rich biodiversity on the island, as well as the waste management processes in Singapore before landfilling. Through a guided tour around the island, participants had a clearer idea of how the landfill was divided into different segments. Participants saw where the ashes were disposed in the sea as part of the Phase II development of the landfill. As Semakau landfill is estimated to be filled by 2045, the problem of excessive waste generation and land scarcity was highlighted to participants.

We hope that the visit to Semakau Landfill was enlightening for all participants, and stay tuned to the upcoming visit next year!

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