The Sustainable Resources pillar encompasses the broad spectrum of issues ranging from energy and water consumption to waste management systems and the idea of creating a circular economy. Considering how wide-spanning issues related to this pillar are, we will place our focus on Food and Plastic waste, in line with NEA’s focuses. We will also work towards reducing water and energy consumption in our campus, especially in the halls of residences.

We seek to implement the 4Rs in school so as to achieve EcoCampus’ goal of 35% reduction of waste by 2020. This is done in the following ways:

(sorted by alphabetical order)


  • Keep them e-live: collected 1 ton of e-waste in 3 months
  • Collection of e-waste from NTU research laboratories and offices (with HP)


  • Foodbank @ NTU
  • Food it Forward
  • Sustainability Case Challenge: Chewing on Rationality
  • Food Waste Symposium (co-organised with Food Science Technology society)

Paper, Plastic and Metal

Promoting reuse

  • EcoNinja : Trash to Treasure

Bringing in more recycling infrastructure / platforms

  • Biennial Recycling Drive
  • Save That Pen bins
  • F&N Can Crusher