#EcoClick2018 Nature Photography Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility
    Entry to the #EcoClick2018 Nature Photography Competition is free-of-charge. This competition is open to all bona fide matriculated NTU students and staff. To be eligible, participants must agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

    The 25th Executive Committee Members of Earthlink NTU and any member of the Panel of Judges will not be eligible for the competition.

  2. Competition Categories
    There are two categories to the competition.
    (a) Category A: Nature and Biodiversity
    Category A would focus on nature protection, faunas and floras, and Singapore’s natural heritage.

    (b) Category B: Sustainable Footprint
    Category B would focus on resources conservation, green energy and adopting an active green lifestyle.

  3. Photograph Submission Guidelines
    (a) All photographs submitted must be the participant’s own photography works.

    (b) All photograph entries have to be taken in Singapore.

    (c) Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of three photo entries per category.

    (d) Each photograph submission can only be submitted to one category.

    (e) All photo entries have to be taken within two years of the start of the photograph entry submission period of the competition (22nd January 2016 to 3rd March 2018).

    (f) All official photo entries should be accompanied by the following personal and photograph details. Photographs with any missing details that are not submitted within the photo entry submission period may be disqualified.

    • (i) Personal Details
      1. Full Name (as indicated in passport or identity card)
      2. NTU Student or NTU Staff
      3. Matriculation No. (for NTU Students) or Identity Card No. (for NTU Staff)
      4. Contact No.
      5. Email
    • (ii) Photograph Entry Details
      1. Category
      2. Location of Photograph taken
      3. Date of Photograph taken
      4. Caption (no more than 30 words, written in English)
      5. Description (no more than 100 words, written in English)

    (g) The photo entry submission period of the competition is from 22nd January 2018 to 03rd March 2018. Deadline for all photograph entries submission is 03rd March 2018, 2359 hours (Singapore Standard Time, GMT +08:00). Photo entries received after the closing date and time will not be accepted.

    (h) All photograph entries must be submitted digitally in JPEG format to earthlinkecoclick@gmail.com.
    (Clarification: Digitally refers to original digital copies. Scanned photographs are not considered to be valid entries.)

    (i) Original photograph should be at least 1 MB in size and the longest side of the photograph must be at least 1500 pixels.

    (j) Photographs that have been previously or currently used for any type of commercial or non-commercial purposes or campaigns (except where it was used for personal purposes), or have won prizes in other photography competition will not be accepted.

    (k) The Organiser takes Nature photography ethics very seriously and will not hesitate to disqualify any unethical, inappropriate, irrelevant and/ or offensive photo entries.

  4. Modifications to Photograph Entries
    (a) Only the following basic photograph modifications may be applied:

    • (i) Sharpening
    • (ii) Contrast (including saturation) and brightness adjustment
    • (iii) Converting colour images to black and white (monochrome)
    • (iv) Cropping

    (b) Except for the four listed in the previous clause, no other manipulation, either to the whole photograph or to any part of it, is allowed.

  5. Judging
    (a) Judging would be determined by the Panel of Judges of the competition based on five main criteria as stated below. The best 20 photography works would be shortlisted.

    • (i) Originality
    • (ii) Uniqueness
    • (iii) Relevance
    • (iv) Message
    • (v) Quality & Aesthetics

    (b) 20% of the judging of the top 20 photo entries will be determined by public voting. The public voting will be conducted on Earthlink NTU’s Facebook Page after the photograph submission period of the competition and after the judging by the Panel of Judges.

    (c) 80% of the judging of the top 20 photo entries would be determined from the results of the judging from 5(a).

    (d) The Organiser has the absolute discretion to appoint the Judging Panel for this competition. All decisions made by the Panel of Judges are final and irrevocable. The Judging Panel and/ or the Management Committee of Earthlink NTU will not be obliged to release any information whatsoever relating to the judging process and rubric to any person.

  6. Top 3 Grand Prizes
    There would be three Grand Prizes for the whole competition regardless of the category of the photo entries submitted. The top three winners stand to win attractive prizes. Prize presentation would be held during Greenfest 2018 on 19th March 2018 (Monday).
  7. Lucky Draw
    (a) In an effort to encourage both amateur and professional photographers to participate in this competition, apart from the top three Grand Prizes, all participants would be entitled to a bi-weekly lucky draw. Lucky draw winners stand a chance to win CapitaVouchers of CapitalLand Mall. Two lucky draw winners would be randomly drawn bi-weekly.

    (b) The names of the bi-weekly lucky draw winners would be announced via Earthlink NTU’s Facebook Page and notified via email and/or sms. Lucky draw winners would be able to collect their prizes during the two-day Greenfest 2018 in March.

    (c) For the purpose of this Terms and Conditions, a week is defined as one starting on Monday and ending on Sunday 2359 hours (Singapore Standard Time, GMT +08:00) of the same week.

    (d) Any eligible participant (as determined by the above clauses) shall be qualified to win one lucky draw and/ or Grand Prize, unless she/ he was deemed excluded from the draw.

    (e) Each participant may only win the lucky draw prize once. Should she/ he win the lucky draw prize for any week of the competition, she/ he shall be excluded for the draw of the subsequent weeks. However, participants who get the lucky draw prize would still be eligible to be the Grand Prize Winner.

    (f) Each eligible participant can only be awarded one Grand Prize even if she/ he submits multiple entries.

    (g) All lucky draw prizes shall be collected on 19th March (Monday) or 20th March 2018 (Tuesday) during Greenfest 2018. Should prizes be unclaimed, the Organiser reserves the right to select an alternative winner from the remaining participants.

    (h) Prizes are non-transferable and no cash equivalent will be offered. The Organiser reserves the right to change, add, or substitute the prizes.

  8. #EcoClick Nature Photography Showcase Exhibition
    There will be two showcase exhibitions organised in conjunction with the #EcoClick2018 Nature Photography Competition. All selected photo entries will be displayed at a specially-allocated booth at the two-day Greenfest 2018 which will be held on 19th March (Monday) and 20th March 2018 (Tuesday) at Canopy K in NTU. Selected photo entries will also be displayed at the #EcoClick Nature Photography Showcase Exhibition.
  9. #EcoClick Nature Photography Talk Series
    An #EcoClick Nature Photography Talk Series would also be held in conjunction with the #EcoClick2018 Nature Photography Competition on 10th February 2018 (Wednesday) evening in NTU, in which prominent local Nature Photographers would share some Nature photography tips and their experiences in Nature photography and Biodiversity conservation. This #EcoClick Nature Photography Talk Series is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers alike. Registration is required for this event. For more information, follow Earthlink NTU’s Facebook Page for updates nearer the date of the event.
  10. Copyright
    (a) Earthlink NTU reserves the right to use the photograph entries submitted in any of its publicity, publications and marketing materials. However, participants would be duly credited.

    (b) All participants retain full copyright of their photography works entered for the competition.

    (c) Participants of the competition grants the Organiser a non-exclusive, royalty-free and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish, publicly display, print, edit or distribute any photography works submitted for the competition in any media format and any media channel as deemed fit by the Organiser, for the purposes of promoting the competition and in raising Biodiversity and Environmental conservation awareness.

By taking part in the #EcoClick2018 Nature Photography Competition, participants agree with and consent to the above Terms and Conditions.