Greenfest 2017

Greenfest is back again for the 4th year running!

On the 20th and 21st of March, look forward to 2 fun-filled days of activities and festivities at Canopy K, where we will bring in government agencies, NGOs and private companies! A grand total of 17 booths covering the wide-ranging nature of environment issues awaits your arrival! From nature conservation and environmental production to recycling and waste management, we’ve got it all covered!

Of course, in every carnival there is always games, goodies and lucky draw prizes! Read on to find out more! 😀

Greenfest 2017: RevAmpS

This year, the theme is RevAmpS: Revive, Amplify, Sustain!

Revive: emphasizes the need to restore our earth that is damaged by having a deep understanding of the various factors which leads to environmental problems.
Amplify: highlights the need to intensify the scale of environmental efforts carried out so that the they are more impactful.
Sustain: by sustaining the systematic and constructive efforts developed by various parties enables us to make a positive difference to the environment.

Each theme is represented by a mascot type: Warrior, Mage and Guardian!

Your goal is to get 6 stamps, 2 stamps from each mascot type! Some are easy but some can be brain-wracking: are you up for the challenge? 😉

Here’s some help for you: a little adventure guide with a list of all the booths out there!

(*Earth Hour is having a booth to sell tickets for their event)

Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a goodie bag, a small (and cute!) cactus 🌵 and a chance to win the grand lucky draw!

Lucky Draw

Carnivals are always full of prizes and of course Greenfest has them too! Here’s what you stand to win from our lucky draw!

Grand prize: HP Laptop (worth $800!)

2nd and 3rd prize: HP printers

4th prize: Under Armour Backpack

5th prize: Speaker,

6th prize: Headphones

7th prize: Mouse

8th prize: Earpiece

9th prize: Power Bank

10th prize: Tumbler

Greenfest 2017 Facebook photo contest

While you’re here at Canopy K for Greenfest 2017, remember to snap some shots 📸 at our photobooth to keep the memories you made here for life! Do put on your brightest smiles as we’re have a photo competition! 😀

Submit your entries by uploading a photo taken at our photobooth with the props we prepared and post it with the hashtag #GFRevAmpS2017

There is a separate lucky draw for those who join our Facebook photo contest and you could stand to win Under Armour drawstring bags, Adidas water bottles and movie tickets 🎫!!

Recycling Drives

2 main collections will be conducted this year in Greenfest 2017!

If you have any old printer, ink cartridges, or any printing-related accessories, bring them down and you could be awarded a $10 voucher from HP!

Also, Earthlink’s Recycling portfolio will be setting up a Save That Pen booth!

Bring down any pens that are dried-out and you can get to exchange them with new ones, in a 1-1 exchange!

Furthermore, there will also be an e-waste collection drive! Bring down any computers, monitors, telephones, phones, hard drives, wires if they are no longer functioning but still collecting dust in your room! (Do note that we will not be collecting printers.)

Launch of PowerZee

Remember PowerZ, its ecogestures and the hot/cold feature?

PowerZ has upgraded, and it is now called PowerZee!

Download the PowerZee app and show it to the guys at the ERI@N booth on 20th and 21st march and you’ll be well-rewarded with a cone of… ICE CREAM! 😀


Even if you’ve conquered all the booths on the 20th, there’s still a reason to come down on the 21st!

On the second day of Greenfest 2017, get amped by the performances put up by our very own NTU Chinese Drums 🥁 and NTU Hall 13 Acoustic Band 🎤!


About Greenfest

Greenfest, a portmanteau of the words ‘Green’ and ‘Festival’, is Earthlink NTU’s annual flagship event. It aims to inspire the NTU community to make a difference to our environment: by showing them what the club and external parties (both private and public organizations) have done, we hope that the participants will be more environmentally conscious and be motivated to lead a greener and more sustainable life.

Greenfest is also the occasion that celebrates the achievements of the various Earthlink’s portfolios and showcases what they have achieved in the past year.

The theme for this year’s Greenfest is “RevAmpS”, an acronym of Revive, Amplify and Sustain. We strongly believe that by reviving the environment to a better condition, amplifying the positive environmental efforts and sustaining them, our actions can bring positive changes to the environment. However, this inspiration will only work if the various communities work hand-in-hand to show concerns towards environmental issues and improve the situation.


Earthlink NTU would like to extend its gratitude to our Gold Sponsor: City Development Limited (CDL), and silver Sponsors: Earth Observatory Singapore (EOS), PacificLight and HP!