You’ll never find a more dynamic community that loves the Earth! 😀

What’s in it for you?

Earthlink NTU provides a unique and enriching experience for all our members. With the wide variety of portfolios, there is definitely one that you will feel connected towards and want to be a part of! 😀

In your experience with us, you’ll get to pick up soft skills, learn the nitty-gritty details of organising effective campaigns and even get to liaise with governmental organisations! Recognizing the importance of sustainability, many leading organisations are increasingly having it as a key tenet in their corporate values. A keen awareness on environmental issues is essential to prepare you for such a sustainability-driven future. With opportunities to attend youth conferences overseas that gives you a platform to share and expose yourself to ideas on an international stage, a holistic education on sustainability is something we can definitely deliver to you. 🙂

Most importantly, planning events together with your peers is the best way to foster close relationships. Just like many of us, you’ll leave with a close group of friends whom you will reminisce your university years with. 🙂

Being an Earthlink committee member can give you that and even packs an additional punch: you’re doing it for a great cause! 😀

What we do

In Earthlink, we believe that appreciating the importance of sustainability is integral to a better future. Adopting sustainable practices makes the world a better place for us and for our future generations. 🙂

Part of the trinity of sustainability-drivers in NTU, Earthlink serves as the link between the University and the student population with a stronger focus on creating behavioral changes. We organise campaigns throughout the academic year to promote sustainability-related causes. We also provide a platform for students to bring in project ideas, guiding them along the journey from ideation to implementation of projects that contribute to the vision of making NTU the greenest campus in the world.

Outside of campus, we collaborate with other environmental clubs in Singapore to deliver large-scale, inter-university programmes that are planned and organised during the Joint University Environmental Conference (JUEC). JUEC is also a platform where environmental clubs from the different universities in Singapore exchange ideas and share sustainability-related initiatives they are doing in their campus.

Beyond youth engagement, Earthlink NTU actively engages the community in her outreach events. Since 2014, we have been celebrating Earth Hour with the residents in the South West district every year! Our reach extends far beyond our shores: Ecoventure, our annual overseas community involvement project have brought us to many places in the world to promote the adoption of sustainable practices. Our Ecoventure teams have scaled the Himalayas in Nepal, basked in the sun while setting up solar panels in Laos and soaked up the Vietnamese culture while installing a water filtration system in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. In 2017, our efforts in Laos have been recognised by the University with the Nanyang Award for Humanitarian Work.


A journey in Earthlink is a journey certainly not to be missed. It is one that many of our graduated Earthlinkers look back and cherish, and it is also one that we want to share with you! Read on and explore the other links to immerse yourself in what we do or if you can’t wait any longer, here’s the link for you to sign up now! 😀

Our hi(story)

Since November 1992, Earthlink NTU has been at the forefront of environmental advocacy in the university. Our 1st Management Committee was officially formed at the start of a new academic year, July 1993. In AY2017/18, we will be celebrating our club’s 25th birthday on 22nd December! Join us in commemorating this momentous milestone as we embark in a year of celebration and look back at our efforts in the last 25 years.

We are the first and also the largest student-led environmental student group in Singapore. And… have we told you that we are a registered non-profit organization too? 😉

In formal words…


Earthlink envisions an environmentally conscious and active NTU community, and for NTU to be the leading youth body that embraces care and passion for the environment – Starting Today and for Tomorrow.

To achieve this, we work relentlessly to create opportunities for the NTU community to make a positive difference for the environment, to advocate an environmentally sustainable lifestyle amongst their peers, and to build up their passion for the environment.

While doing so, we also seek to increase the NTU community’s awareness on environmental issues. We also aim to address climate change in small, achievable and measurable ways to ensure a sustainable future.