June 15, 2016


Lifesaving Sport is a multi-disciplinary sport which combines athletic ability and lifesaving skills. Lifesaving is a unique sport that utilise skills learnt for humanitarian purposes and applies them in a competitive environment, competitons.

Competitive lifesaving events consists of two categories, Still Water (pool) and Open Water (beach). The two categories presents lifesavers the competition environment that closely relates to the practice of lifesaving rescues in swimming pools and beaches.

Annually, our team takes part in 3 local Lifesaving competitions, NTU Friendlies, NUS Invitations and the National Lifesaving Championships. The purpose of participating in these competitions is to hone our lifesaving skills and to maintain good physical fitness to carry out our duties when required, through the exposure of a competition setting.

Training Days

Mondays & Wednesdays

7.30pm - 9.30pm @ SRC (Sports & Recreation Centre) pool


9am - 12pm @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Still Water Events (Pool)

  • 200m Obstacle
  • 50m Carry
  • 100m Rescue medley
  • 200m Super Lifesaver
  • 100m Tow
  • Obstacle Relay
  • Manikin Relay
  • Line Throw
  • 50m Manikin Relay

Open Water Events (Beach)

  • Sprints
  • Sprint Relay
  • Surf
  • Paddle
  • Tube Rescue
  • Board Rescue
  • Taplin
  • Ironman
  • Beach Flag