1.Have heard of about a story of dog afraid of ceiling fan?

A little background to the story of dogs scared of ceiling fan and how to encounter it. Just click here for the article and read how to make dogs not afraid anymore. Why is this article important? One of the reason why dogs can become aggressive, it is not because their nature, sometimes because of their fear.We would not want to misjudge animals right? And after we know that they have fear, we would want to help them overcome it.

2. Sea Turtles In Danger

Have you ever thought that your life is hard? Well, maybe it is because you have not compared them to a life of sea turtle. Just a little background about sea turtle, they are slow, but they have to travel up to 1000 km to lay their eggs. But can you guess what we do to their eggs? Yep, we eat them.

Feeling guilty? You can help by conserving them. If you want to know more information about sea turtles, click here for the articles

3. Koala Bear Sad Stories

Read the sad story of joey, one of the koala bear in the world. He is hanging to a teddy bear as a substitute of his mother while his mother is euthanased. Such sad story happens because of overpopulation of koala which leads them to eat many eucalyptus leaves in the forest. Thus, making the food is not enough and they starve. Afterwards, these starving koalas are killed via lethal injection after being captured in trees

Read the full article here

4. Should They Live in Zoos?

Some may argue that zoos in the best place for animals. But other may not agree to that stafultement. Just imagine if we are given choices whether to live in a cage or boundless field, which one would we choose? Probably this is also one of the reason why zoos are raising fund to make the "cages" looks like the natural habitat. But again, this raises problem about the amount of the fund. What do you think? Should animals be in a zoo or boundless field?

To strengthen you opinion, you could read the full article here

5. Most Popular Dogs Breed in Singapore

Can you imagine how many types of dogs in this world? According to Fédération Cynologique Internationale, there are 339 breeds of dogs. Now, choosing a breed of dog to be your pet does not sound so easy, does it? Well, people in Singapore have their own choices for dog's breed.

This article shows the rank of most popular dogs breed in Singapore. Take a look