About us



NTU Cat Management Network is a cat welfare CCA caring for Nanyang Technological University’s campus cats.

We have four main objectives:

  1. To ensure that cats on campus enjoy an environment that is safe and away from harm, through the establishment of ‘cat cafes’ – feeding grounds for community cats on campus.
  2. To ensure that the community cat population is kept within manageable limits through trap-neuter-return programmes.
  3. To educate campus residents and students on cat care and cat behaviour; this involves mediation of disputes relating to cats on campus.
  4. To rescue community cats that are injured or sick on campus

We currently have 4 ‘cat cafés’ on campus – feeding grounds for our community cats, which are each led by their own coordinators. Cat coordinators manage the cats within their designated hall areas and report to the main committee any emergencies that happen.

We also educate residents and students on campus on cat care and cat behaviour; we mediate disputes related to cats on campus.


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