Adopt a Campus Cat

NTUCMN’s adoptions policy closely follows those of the Cat Welfare Society and other cat rescue and welfare groups in Singapore, adapted for use in a campus setting. 

Campus cats that are put up for adoption are usually (a) young kittens found on campus or (b) cats that have been seriously injured and require home care.

Anyone wishing to adopt a cat from NTUCMN first completes an adopter’s questionnaire. Depending on the response to this and on the needs of the cat, visits to your home may be arranged; in addition, we may also invite you to visit the cat along with us.

Criteria for adoption of pets from NTUCMN:

1)  The adopter must be of age (18) to sign the adoption agreement.

2)  The adopter must be able to take care of the cat outside of his or her primary working hours.

3)  The adopter must be able to provide a safe space for the cat. This means that all open windows must be meshed or locked, and closed windows must remain closed; it also means that the cat must be an indoor pet and strictly kept indoors. The house must be made cat-safe before the pet is to be adopted.

4)  ALL members in the household need to be in agreement for the adoption decision. The consideration of other pets in the household must also be considered.

5)  Undergraduates and graduates currently staying in halls are not allowed to keep cats in their halls of residence. As such, if an adopter is an undergraduate or graduate living on campus, he or she must make sure that the primary caregiver of the cat will be present when the adoption agreement is signed. Undergraduates and graduates that are found to have kept the adopted cat in their hall of residence will be deemed to have breached the Adoption Agreement.

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