CALL FOR DONATIONS: Charlie, a Hall 11 cat stricken with FIV-related infection

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Update: Charlie’s fundraising goal has been reached. Thank you!

Charlie, a hall 11 cat, was discovered to be ill and weak on the 25th of October 2014. Charlie had previously tested positive for FIV, and as she was drooling excessively, we decided to bring her to Vets for Pets on the 26th of October. 


Charlie seemed to be eating fine, but her swollen gums were a cause for concern. We decided to leave her at Vets for Pets for further observation. Tests confirmed that she had mouth ulcers secondary to FIV infection, and the vet suggested extracting all her molars and premolars, leaving the canines and incisors because the molars often harbor the most significant amount of bacteria, aggravating the ulceration. As removing molars helps 80% of FIV-positive cats resolve chronic mouth infections, we decided to proceed with the operation.

At the vet, Charlie went through quite a few complications – a heart attack, but she has since recovered. She was a lot more active a day after the procedure and she is now coping well with the loss of teeth. She was discharged on Monday, 3rd November, and is being temporarily kept indoors in the evenings.


The total for Charlie’s treatment was $860.40 (as can be seen from above) and we have managed to raise $630.20 in total through an internal fundraiser. We are still looking to raise another $230.20!

Here’s how you can donate:

Step 1:

Contact our treasurer, Yeo Bo Wen, via email:

Step 2:

After contacting Bo Wen, transfer your desired amount into POSB Savings, 290-01839-0, Yeo Bo Wen (branch code 081) 

This can be done via Internet Banking (if your bank allows it) or directly at any POSB/DBS ATM or Cash Deposit Machine. 

NOTE: we do not currently accept cheque donations.

Step 3:

Our treasurer will contact you once we have received the transfer.

A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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