Charlie is in difficult times.

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We need $739.40 to fund Charlie’s vet bill – and possibly more as we prepare for her end-of-life care.

Charlie, resident cat of NTU Halls 10 and 11, has been plagued by persistent health problems throughout the 2015/16 academic year. In November 2015, her feeders reported excessive drooling and difficulties in eating. This was attributed to the presence of mouth ulcers and she was warded at the vet and treated with a long-acting steroid injection.

The vet examines Charlie for stomatitis – note the ulcers on her tongue and gums.

This familiar scene played out again at the beginning of 2016. A blood test revealed kidney problems and Charlie was given a subcut coupled with another long-lasting steroid injection as treatment. We also decided to switch her to a k/d diet- specially formulated wet food to support feline kidney health- in order to provide her with a better quality of life. Charlie took well to this new diet and was back to roaming the grounds of Halls 10 and 11, carefully monitored by our ever-vigilant and dedicated feeders.


Unfortunately, Charlie’s chronic ulcers returned to haunt her at the start of May 2016 and she was once again brought to the vet on 9 May. Her phosphate, amylase, creatinine and bilirubin levels were all off the charts. Charlie required an IV drip due to dehydration and was also given sucralfate (to treat her ulcers), phosphate and acid blockers as well as antibiotics. Two subsequent blood tests both revealed that she had shown little improvement despite being on constant medication. Her final diagnosis is end-stage renal failure.


We realised that it was best for Charlie to leave her old home and be fostered so that she could receive her daily medication. However, it is often difficult to find fosterers for our ill cats- many sympathise with their plight but face constraints in providing adequate foster care for them. We were therefore extremely fortunate to obtain a place for Charlie at Animal Lovers’ League (ALL), an long-established animal welfare group and registered no-kill shelter.  

Charlie has been fostered at ALL since 24 May 2016. We need your help to fund her stay there and provide her with the medication and care she required. We currently need to raise $739.40 for her treatment.


If you would like, find out more about how you can make an ad-hoc bank transfer by clicking here.


Our alumni Trivia Goh – who has taken care of Charlie as a volunteer when she was in NTU – has designed a postcard which you can take home for USD $3. We only have 13 more to go! Get them here

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