FUNDRAISING CALL: Midnight, who has an ulcer in her eye

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We need funds for Midnight, a Hall 10/11 cat who has a deep corneal ulcer.

Midnight at Love Kuching Project, in Ginger’s old suite. 

Midnight, a Hall 10/11 cat, was found by our volunteer feeders on 19th July with a limp and greenish discharge on her right eye. We discovered that she had fought with Charlie, another Hall 10/11 cat, and had been bitten on her front right paw.

We brought Midnight to the vet three days later – having had a hard time trapping her – and the vet found that the feisty little queen had a deep corneal ulcer which had been terribly irritating her eye. The ulcer was caused by trauma before the fight – perhaps an earlier cat fight, given Midnight’s territorial nature.

We hospitalised Midnight for a week while applying topical antibiotics, and then when the situation did not improve, we sent Midnight to an eye specialist at Mount Pleasant. The specialist told us that the damage to the iris – including what was previously thought as heterochromia – was caused by the infection. Vision in her right eye will permanently be affected.

Midnight’s eye. The shiny dot in the middle is the size of the ulcer.

Further complicating the issue was Midnight’s liver and kidney problems – kidney failure is incurable, and it can only be treated by frequent fluid injections. Midnight also has hypertension, and both treatments require professionally trained fosterers and volunteers. 

Fortunately, we managed to find a space for Midnight at Love Kuching Project, and she was settled in Ginger’s old suite. She will eventually be released once her corneal ulcer heals, when she no longer needs a cone.

Midnight’s total bill this time round costs $345.00. 

We urgently need your help to spread the message and donate. Here’s how you can help Midnight: 

Step 1:

Contact our treasurer, Yeo Bo Wen, via email:

Step 2:

After contacting Bo Wen, transfer your desired amount into POSB Savings, 290-01839-0, Yeo Bo Wen (branch code 081)

This can be done via Internet Banking (if your bank allows it) or directly at any POSB/DBS ATM or Cash Deposit Machine.

NOTE: we do not currently accept cheque donations.

Step 3:

Our treasurer will contact you once we have received the transfer.
A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.

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