FUNDRAISING FOR VET BILLS: Ginger, the Hall 9 super cat with a superbug

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Our volunteers received reports of a Hall 9 ‘pregnant’ cat at the start of term – and we tracked down Ginger, which was then without a tipped ear. Ginger had an open wound on its belly, perhaps caused by a cat fight, and it was inflamed.


A check by the vet found that Ginger was actually a sterilised tomcat. The vet also found massive pus-filled soft tissue, which was removed through surgery.

During his stay at the vet the naughty little bugger actually forced his way into another cat’s holding cage! Ginger got flu-like symptoms as a result, and was taken into isolation.

Despite the best care at the vet, however, Ginger’s wound refused to heal. A bacterial culture test was performed and it was found that Ginger had a superbug, Staphylococcus, which is commonly found in soil, skin and mucous membranes of humans:


The wound was cleaned (again) and necrotic tissues were removed. Despite that, Ginger’s wound still refused to completely heal, and the wounds reopened when the suture was removed near Chinese New Year.

At the start of this month (2 March), one of Ginger’s smaller wounds was reinfected again, and had to be treated with another cycle of antibiotics and suturing. The situation seemed to take a turn for the better on 16 March, when his wounds had been fully closed. However, scabs fail to form on the wounds which have closed up and as a result, the skin epidermis have not healed.

The vet ruled out diabetes and FELV/FIV for Ginger’s slow healing condition. We are currently considering conducting a biopsy to check if it is a skin tumour, but this means an incision is needed which will face the same healing problem eventually.

We are currently in the unknown with Ginger right now. The vet bill currently stands at $1,200 due to Ginger’s long stay and several different treatments, of which around $650 has been paid.

We need you to help Ginger. Come to our booth this Wednesday and Thursday (1st and 2nd April) to donate to Ginger. We will have a donation box for Ginger alongside our fundraising merchandise with Love Kuching Project.

(NOTE: proceeds from our fundraising activities with Love Kuching Project will not go to NTUCMN. All proceeds from sales of merchandise will go to Love Kuching Project)

Additionally, if you cannot make it to NTU, here’s how you can help.

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