FUNDRAISING FOR VET BILLS: Robbie, the naughty Hall 2 cat who begged

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Robbie has seen better days.

Robbie, our hall 2 cat who frequents Can 2, was hospitalised at the vet in early April for suspected symptoms of jaundice and pancreatitis.

Our volunteer feeders had found Robbie at Can 2 in an extremely skinny condition, with dry skin. Robbie had been eating very well, however, but we suspected something was wrong.

When we were going to bring Robbie to the vet, we saw several students feeding him sardines which they purchased from the Giant nearby. Our volunteers have seen this many times when they go to Can 2 – students will feed Robbie, and Robbie will come back to Can 2, even though the diet he gets there is not exactly very healthy.

Robbie was diagnosed with pancreatitis, with a mass growing at the bile duct causing an obstruction. The mass was tested and deemed non-malignant, and the gall bladder and pancreas was rerouted to bypass the mass, as it would be hard to remove the mass. 

Robbie was still good old Robbie after the operation:

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Robbie is eating rather well now, after his surgery. He is slated to have his surgical staples removed on Saturday, and if all goes well, he will be released on Monday. #hall2 #ntucats We expect his bill to be quite… high.#cats #catsofinstagram #ntucmn #ntu #猫 #neko #rescue #communitycat

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NTU Cat Management Network

on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We were incredibly lucky that Robbie did not suffer from a much more serious condition given his diet. 

NTU Cat Management Network would like to urge all students (and faculty) to not feed Robbie anything other than cat food. Do not feed him canned sardines, fried fish, or anything you think Robbie might like. We need to break his habit of begging.


Robbie incurred a total of $1,225.20. Robbie’s bill, along with Ginger’s, will set the club back an approximate $2,700, of which we are short of $1,700.

We URGENTLY need you to spread the message and donate. 

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