Ginger is now at Love Kuching Project

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Ginger from Hall 9, the cat with the superbug, was transferred to Love Kuching Project on Wednesday. 


Our secretary gives him the TLC he wants.

His wounds had refused to close even till now, and thus we made the decision to transfer him to Love Kuching Project, where he will get long-term care. Love Kuching Project recently moved to a new location at Joo Chiat, and we believe LKP will give him the best possible care.


Ginger’s wounds, on its lower torso. His wounds are not painful, but he is healing very slowly.

New cat Ginger taking a snooze after his supplement meal.

A photo posted by Jess Ong (@jessedeke) on May 4, 2015 at 5:54am PDT

The volunteers at Love Kuching adore Ginger and so do the vet staff!

Ginger’s bill came up to $1,437.90 (after discount), of which over $1,100 has been donated. We are currently short of $300, which we urgently need. This, on top of Robbie’s condition and Robbie’s bill (which we will post on a separate update), has strained our club’s finances.


Here’s how you can help us help Ginger:

Step 1:

Contact our treasurer, Yeo Bo Wen, via email:

Step 2:

After contacting Bo Wen, transfer your desired amount into POSB Savings, 290-01839-0, Yeo Bo Wen (branch code 081)

This can be done via Internet Banking (if your bank allows it) or directly at any POSB/DBS ATM or Cash Deposit Machine.

NOTE: we do not currently accept cheque donations.

Step 3:

Our treasurer will contact you once we have received the transfer.
A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.

Thank you!

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