Happy birthday to us!

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On this day, 11 years ago, NTU Cat Management Network was founded.


Sky-kun, a resident for nearly 11 years now

Here’s a piece of history – an article written in an old copy of The Mews, a publication of Cat Welfare Society, detailing how our founders – some of who are still active in NTUCMN – created the cat cafés that define our network today.


An excerpt from the two page article by Judith Lindley:

“Fourteen months ago my husband and I were fairly new residents on the campus. Looking at the residents’ noticeboards, I found a group of people with positive attitudes towards animals and one person who was listed as a cat supporter. I called, we met, and I got an earful of how unhappy some residents were with the animal control policies of our estate managers. I suggested that a cat cafe might be a solution.


In the first 2 months we managed to recruit a few dedicated student volunteers and got sympathetic coverage in campus newspaper interviews and a closed-circuit TV report. The core volunteers developed a members-only website as well as a public website, made craft items featuring pictures of the campus cats as well as freeware graphics (admin note: this was 2004) and arranged two exhibitions for the student-orientation period. These events allowed us to sell things and ask for contributions, but more important, recruited almost 20 volunteers.”

You can read the full article here.

The challenges that we face today are not very different from the challenges we had when we began – but the climate in NTU has changed. Hall residents have become more endeared to cats, and we are grateful to the halls who have incorporated their cats into hall culture, and care for our hall cats with us.

Still, we face instances where kind residents feed our hall cats things they should not be eating; and we still continue to mediate cases where residents are afraid of cats – a legitimate fear, no less – and request for us to relocate them. We have continued our efforts to reach out to residents and educate them on what they should and should not do with our hall cats – and involve them in the caring of our cats.

With your support, we have continued to take care of our cats, day and night. For as long as there are cats on campus, we will continue to care for them.

Thank you. 

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