Midnight, a Hall 11 cat suffering from kidney failure

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Midnight is a eight-year-old cat that we suspected of having kidney and liver problems. Our rescuers observed symptoms which seemed like jaundice during the December term break last year. Though it was later determined to be benign heterochromia, blood tests at Vets for Pets showed that she had very poor kidney function indicating early stages of chronic renal failure.


Slight heterochromia, determined to be benign. The green discharge is the result of a stain, which showed an increased discharge common of sinus issues

She was recommended a frequent dose of fluids, but as she is a stray cat, we had to temporarily release her back to Hall 11; we got her back to the clinic three days later for fluid therapy.

Kidney failure is incurable, and it can only be treated by frequent fluid injections. Midnight also has hypertension, and both treatments require professionally trained fosterers and volunteers. 


Midnight’s bill of $239.60 was eventually paid by an internal donor, and she is currently residing there. Our volunteers are currently closely monitoring the situation, and we will transfer her to a suitable fosterer if necessary.

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