Milky is in a sticky situation.

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We need $1,647.50 to treat Milky’s chronic pancreatitis.


Milky, the beloved mascot of Hall 10, has been ill for a while now. On 26 April, Milky was spotted with yellow skin, most prominent in areas on him with no fur and his ears. He was sent to the vet two days later and diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas due to unknown causes) and put on an IV to flush out the jaundice.


Note the yellowish condition on Milky’s lips, a sign of jaundice.

After two weeks, several of his blood test components had improved although his ALT (a liver enzyme) values still remained abnormal. We suspect that the pancreatitis has also affected his liver. As such, Milky was put on liver medication while still kept at the vet for the next two weeks.


Milky was also not eating and breathing very well. A lung X-ray did not reveal any major findings so its cause might be due to pain in his abdomen. A repeat blood test conducted on 30 May fortunately shows that his ALT and TBIL (increased total bilirubin) has improved. However, he still requires liver and bile duct medication. Furthermore, a worrying sign emerging from the blood test is his raised CRE levels, which may be a result of his steroid medication or early kidney failure. The vet has put him back to IV fluid and antibiotics, and added painkillers and bronchodilator.

His last test result showed significant improvement, however – thus he has been transferred to foster care at Love Kuching Project. Another test is scheduled next week (13-19 Jun) for us to determine if he is well and ready to return to his home.

However, his long stay at the clinic and medication means we need $1647.50 for Milky’s entire vet bill, seen here:


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