NTUCMN Semester 2 Extraordinary General Meeting

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The members of NTU Cat Management Network met on Monday (9 Feb) to discuss events that NTUCMN will be launching in the coming semester.

The meeting began with a recap of what we did in the past semester – our rescue operations, amidst others:

  • One major event that NTUCMN handled last month was Currie’s abuse case – the Hall 6 cat that went missing was found in Jurong West in a state of abuse, and adopted by its rescuer.
  • NTUCMN volunteers also created legacy training documents, such as adoption procedures and cat rescue standard operating procedures.
  • We also had a campus cat phototrip from 5-7 January; where we photographed 19 of our cats. This is, however, not the full number.
    • The photographs will be used to create posters that will be posted up on Hall noticeboards.

One of the posters to be produced

NTUCMN will also be organising a members-only talk, as well as our Inaugural Cat Talk, coupled with fundraising elements this semester.

Members-only talk with Love Kuching Project

Date: 28 February
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Location: Love Kuching Project foster space

The trip will allow our members who are currently taking care of our hall cats to learn more about cat rescue operations in a shelter, and the common and uncommon signs of illness in a hall cat.

Fundraising and our inaugural Cat Talk

NTUCMN will also launch its inaugural Cat Talk and its first fundraising event on the week of 30 March to 2 April – something that we hope will be held every year. TED for cats, anyone?

This year’s Cat Talk will be on social media and cat advocacy – and we have invited several of the big cats.

Details of the talk will be confirmed at a later date.

The meeting also saw the election of four new members into the main committee:

Publicity and Publications Secretary: Cherie Soh
Business and Events Manager: Teo Kai Ann
Operations Manager: Huang Xiaomei
Finance and Administration Secretary: Leanna Emmanuel

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