On these “do not feed cats” notices

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You might have seen these letters on hall noticeboards!

The ‘cat cafés’ – feeding stations – at NTU work on the principle of low visibility. Our volunteers have permission from the University to feed the cats at designated areas in hall. Cat Management Network emphasises responsible feeding practices – we feed clean food in a clean way and clear the feeding areas after the cats have eaten.

Our cats are thus happy and well fed – and safe from harm.


Milly from Hall 2

Not everyone is a cat-lover, and CMN strives to manage conflict between residents. Feeding at the corridors should be avoided, and it affects cat-phobic residents who dislike being followed by cats who beg for food and treats.

Several tips:

1) If you wish to feed the cats in your hall of residence, contact us! We always welcome volunteers. 

2) If you are a volunteer, keep your feeding dish and kibbles inside your room. Do not leave them outside your room. Sure, having a cat greet you outside your door is fun, but others who use the corridors might not like it that way. Again, not everyone loves cats, and there are people who are afraid of them.

3) Do not invite cats into your room. Yes, they’re cute and all, but we don’t really want nasty complaints during term break of cats meowing outside room doors to grab the attention of residents inside. Besides, it is an offence to keep pets in halls.

4) If you do leave rugs for cats to sleep on outside your room, ensure that the corridor remains clean, and that cat hair is removed regularly. Some people have allergies!

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