Our Adoptions Policy

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From time to time, NTUCMN will receive calls from students or the campus administration reporting to us about kittens on campus. Other times our cats on campus may contract a chronic illness, and given the campus’ maturing cat population, there will be more cats – like Charlie from Hall 11 – that will require adequate care.

One of our goals is to ensure that cats in our care will enjoy an environment safe from harm, and we will, depending on the situation, put our cats up for adoption. Cats put up for adoption will usually come in these categories:

  1. Kittens found on campus but are too old to be taken in by partner organisations
  2. Kittens born from pregnant female strays trapped during our TNR programs. (Unlike other cat rescue organisations, NTUCMN takes a ‘pro-life’ stance with pregnant strays and will not abort a pregnant cat.)
  3. Cats that are in the early stages of a chronic condition and/or are unsuitable for a life outdoors (like Currie/Genesis, a victim of abuse)

Anyone wishing to adopt a cat from NTUCMN first completes an adopter’s questionnaire.

Depending on the response to this and on the needs of the cat, visits to your home may be arranged; in addition, we may also invite you to visit the cat along with us. 

If you wish to adopt a cat, please contact our main committee members via email.

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