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Our old website, which is still accessible at clubs.ntu.edu.sg/ntucmn/

Nanyang Technological University’s Cat Management Network (NTUCMN) was set up on 15 September 2004 by representatives of the Office of Facilities, Planning and Management (OFPM) – the predecessor to Housing and Auxiliary Services, a few members of the (now defunct) Nanyang Pets Support Group and representatives from the Cat Welfare Society (CWS).

The idea was to establish ‘cat cafés’ before it became all the craze in Singapore. No, we were not establishing a small air-conditioned room for students to pet a cat, but feeding stations in each hall, where community cats can get fed. The cat café concept emphasises responsible feeding practices – allowing cats access to clean food and clean water, which are cleared after the cats are fed.

Café operators kept a low profile to discourage vandals, pet-dumpers and cat haters.

The ‘cat café’ concept – which also exists in NUS – stresses humane control of cat population through trap-neuter return programmes, and veterinary care for cats when they are ill or injured.

Our volunteers comprise both feeders and café coordinators who are in charge of overall coordination of each café, ensuring that the cats are fed on each day of the week.

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