Robbie, the Hall 2 cat who fought with an unsterilised cat – and other stories

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 Stories about our cats from before winter last year.


If you’ve been following our social media pages, you might have noticed our activities for the winter break. 

One of the most significant is the case of Robbie, who fought with an unsterilised black cat in November last year. He incurred a cut on the face and on the lip; the latter refused to heal properly, and he had to be fostered at Asst Prof. Jesse Thompson’s place.

“Day 3 of unker’s captivity. Unker not enjoy this place. Unker was snatched one day by my captor, who happened to be the guy who talk a lot of cock and ask me a lot of questions. Unker no like him anymore, but he bring food. Unker saw another black cat today. That paikia live behind the glass doors. Unker hissed at him and he meowed, pathetic sia. Unker been trapped in small room, small compared to singles housing. But got place to hide and shit, like Hall 2 liddat. Today unker went to the living room, which got books and shiny dot thing and lightbox. Last time we play with more dangerous things, you know, like knife and gun. Unker trying to get out, but unker only know that unker is not in Hall 2 anymore. Unker look down from window, we in very tall place, can see trees. Is Unker in the future? Or maybe unker is in M Night Shyamalan movie. Unker thinks N Night Shyamalan is okay, makes good movie, but unker dowan to star in his movie, got a lot of plot twist. Unker got take film studies, and professor got say that M Night Shyamalan is lousy, but I disagree. Unker even write essay… Never mind. Unker wait by the main door, so can escape when my captor opens the door. Then maybe another plot twist happen. I donno.” / Robbie, @ntuhall2 / #catsofinstagram #catsofNTU #catsofsingapore #whatisthetwist

A photo posted by NTU Cat Management Network (@ntucmn) on Dec 4, 2015 at 12:04am PST

At first, he thought that he was in a poop-harvesting future, but he got round to it and slowly became better, even though he really wanted to go home.


In total, Robbie spent $547.50 to get better. He was eventually released in January 2016.

A blood panel we ordered at the vet last year found that Robbie had very little problems despite his pancreatitis last year. The slow healing of the wound on his lip was due to frequent licking of the area, which caused frequent bleeding, despite us minimising licking by keeping him in a cone.

Along with Bobby – who had been found with suspected cat flu, and Zorro, who had a broken paw – we spent a total of $593.50. This has essentially depleted the sum of money we raised with Midnight’s donations last semester.


Without foster help from Asst Prof Jesse Thompson we would have incurred more costs. We are incredibly grateful for his assistance. 

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