Sorrow for Zorro: Hall 10/11 cat with a fractured hind femur

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Zorro has been kept indoors for nearly two months now. Here’s how you can help:


We found Zorro limping at Hall 10 and 11 on Jan 5 this year. He was reported limping by residents – and we managed to get our volunteers to check almost immediately: 

Zorro yowled when our volunteers petted his right hind leg. We took him to the vet the next day – and found that Zorro had a fracture on the right hind femur: 


Zorro was then housed at Asst Prof Lorenzo Masia’s apartment in NTU, in a plan by NTU Cat Management Network to reduce hospitalisation costs. Zorro was required to have strict cage rest and only a set period of time out.

The fracture was suspected to have been caused by blunt force trauma, which could have been due to a fall or potential abuse. No evidence has come forth to suggest the latter. Zorro is also the ninja of Hall 10 and 11 – often seen on window ledges and aircon brackets. 

For Zorro, a cat that has thrived outdoors – being kept indoors is a great pain. He was often observed meowing at the windows whenever he is out of the cage – and he seems to miss home very much.

Zorro was also found to refuse food – even though he was often very hungry. This was suspected to have been because of kidney or liver failure, but was later found to be due to an inflammation of the gum, and a fractured tooth. 

We need $593.50 for Zorro’s entire vet bill. His vet bills will be attached below (some are in combination with other cats, which we will elaborate in due course).

Zorro Until 23 Mar

Please donate to us through making an ad-hoc donation.

1) Contact Shao Yu via email at

Your email will be logged into our mailing list via a voluntary data collection form. We will send updates about NTU Cat Management Network through the mailing list, which you may choose to unsubscribe if you like.

2) After contacting Shao Yu,  transfer your desired amount into OCBC Frank 5374-0519-3001, Shao Yu

This can be done via Internet Banking or directly at any POSB/DBS ATM or Cash Deposit Machine.

3) Once we have received the transfer, we will send you an electronic acknowledgement. A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.

You can also donate to our Campus Collaboration for Animals fundraiser: 

The Campus Collaboration for Animals is a collaboration between the NTU Animal Lovers’ Society and NTU Cat Management Network. The joint fundraising project seeks to raise $1,500 USD (or approximately $2,000 SGD) for both the cats and the dogs of NTU. Funds will go to both NTU Cat Management Network and NTU Animal Lovers’ Society.

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