We’re changing our operating accounts.

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Our outgoing Financial Controller Yeo Bo Wen will officially hand over CMN’s accounts to incoming Financial Controller Shao Yu.


A year has passed – and NTU Cat Management Network has seen quite epic progress with our former Main Committee’s help. We’ve attended to many cases, and helped many of the campus cats.

One of the people who has helped the most is veteran Main Committee member Yeo Bo Wen. The final-year student has been Financial Controller/Treasurer for NTUCMN for 2 years now, and has managed the club accounts in an impeccable manner. 


Bo Wen will hand over the accounts to Shao Yu (above) – a Year 3 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student. The duo, along with Denyse Chang Weili (below), a Year 1 Biological Sciences student, will be assisting in the club’s efforts, especially with our upcoming audit.


This, however, means slight changes to our donation procedures. 

For one, we will need to shift CMN’s main operating account to Shao Yu. We also want to keep in touch with our donors through regular newsletters and minor rewards.

We will also need to close Bo Wen’s account after funds have been transferred to our new operating account under Shao Yu’s name.

Our new operating account is OCBC Frank 5374-0519-3001 under Shao Yu.

To make an ad-hoc donation, simply do the following:

1) Contact Shao Yu via email at SHAO0032@e.ntu.edu.sg. 

Your email will be logged into our mailing list, where we will send updates about NTU Cat Management Network. You may choose to unsubscribe from the mailing list if you like.

2) After contacting Shao Yu,  transfer your desired amount into OCBC Frank 5374-0519-3001, Shao Yu

This can be done via Internet Banking or directly at any POSB/DBS ATM or Cash Deposit Machine. 

We still do not accept cheque donations.

3) Once we have received the transfer, we will send you an electronic acknowledgement. A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.

We would also like to invite donors to make a standing order of $10, $25, $50 or $100 to our account. Here’s how you can make a standing order.

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