Q: How many cats are there in NTU?

NTU has upwards of 20 cats, as of our last Campus Cat Report.

Q: Why are there cats in NTU?

These cats are what Cat Welfare Society commonly terms ‘community cats’, or what people would call stray cats. They have existed as, or are descendants of, the stray cats that existed in NTU since we began in 2004; some have been abandoned here.

Q: Are you a cat shelter?

No. We are not a cat shelter. NTU Cat Management Network exists as a community volunteer network, much like NUS Cat Cafe or Yishun 326 Tabby Cat.

Community volunteer networks help manage and rescue cats in a neighbourhood or estate, and are an important part of cat welfare in Singapore. Community volunteers will often foster, treat the cats and house the cats at their own cost.


Q: I would like to donate.

You can donate by PayPal, bank transfer, or cheque.

To donate by Paypal, click here.
To find out how to make an ad-hoc bank transfer, click here.
You can also make a tax-deductible cheque donation – find out how, here.

Q: Why is the bank account to donate to a personal account?

That is because NTU Cat Management Network is not a registered society. While we are obliged to follow the rules of a formal society through the Nanyang Technological University Act, we cannot register a bank account unless we incorporate as a registered society.

We are required to submit our accounts for review every year in an agreement with the NBS Auditing and Assurance Team, and this, in turn, will be submitted to the Student Affairs Office, which oversees NTUCMN.

Q: Why do I have to make out a cheque to NTU?

NTU can process the cheque through its Development Office. Donations through the Development Office will be tax-deductible.


Q: Can you adopt my cat?


Q: Why not? Doesn’t NTU have a lot of space?

Integrating a cat into the cat population is an arduous and risky process, and your house cat or community cat, who may be unaware of the dangers of the outside world, may die due to traffic accidents and or abuse.

We have had abandonment cases where the cat has died in a traffic accident after an unsuccessful attempt to gain their trust. We have had cats go missing because we failed to integrate them into the cat population Your cat may be wary and street-smart, but we cannot guarantee that your cat will be safe here in NTU.

Q: Can I just leave my cat here?

Please do not abandon your cats in NTU.

Abandonment is illegal. We will make a police report if we are positive that an animal has been abandoned on campus.

Q: Can you help us rehome my cat?

There are other channels with better reach, such as the Public Adoption Bulletin Board at the Cat Welfare Society. We can share on our social media channels your appeal, if you really want us to, but our audience is primarily NTU students, who might not be able to adopt a cat. You can contact us at cmn@e.ntu.edu.sg if you wish for us to do so.

Priority for adoption assistance will be given for residents and faculty of NTU who need to rehome their cat.

Q: I want to adopt a campus cat.

Most of the campus cats, who have adapted to the campus environment, are not suited for an indoor life, though we are open to putting a campus cat up for adoption. Cats are usually put up for adoption if they are young kittens or require constant care. Our adoptions policy can be found here.


Q: I would like to volunteer.

That’s a great thing! Volunteers will have to put in an approximate 1-3 hours of volunteer feeding per day, depending on the availability of cats. Cats are fed in the evening hours, from 6pm to 9pm. For more, go to clubs.ntu.edu.sg/ntucmn/index.php/volunteer.

Q: How long is the volunteer commitment?

The volunteer commitment averages 6-12 months, or one to two semesters. We expect that a full member of NTUCMN commit for a minimum of two semesters.

Q: I am a member of the public. Can I volunteer?

Volunteering is only open to staff and students of NTU, as we are a student CCA.