Teh Bing causes a stir

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A few weeks ago, we found an unidentified orange cat roaming around the Hive premises. Having a friendly and sweet persona, it was an easy task for us to interact with him and subsequently gain his trust.

Teh Bing

We then accompanied him to the veterinarian for a general checkup as well as to have him sterilised. The vet informed us that the cat is currently suffering from constipation, which causes the additional problem of anal inflammation. Meloxicam was administered to reduce the swelling around his butt, and we were also advised to sufficiently hydrate the feline in order to eliminate his constipation in the future.

Regarding his permanent place of residence, we have arranged for his integration at Hall 7. The Hall 7 Office and JCRC have graciously accepted his presence within the hall community, and he has been fondly named ‘Teh Bing’, after his tea-coloured coat.

Teh Bing is presently in the midst of familiarizing himself with the sole alpha cat of Hall 7, Wang Cai. We eagerly hope and anticipate for an amicable relationship to blossom between the pair.

However, Teh Bing does display a certain degree of apathy when it comes to exploring his surroundings. As such, we are slowly guiding him through the premises by taking him on regular strolls.

Having observed his affectionate and quirky nature, it pains us to imagine that such a loving feline had possibly undergone the emotionally and physically draining experience of abandonment. Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to stress that animal abandonment is punishable by law. By being a responsible and committed pet owner, your pets will have the chance to lead the dignified life they deserve. We fervently wish for every pet owner to do their part, so as to reduce the suffering of innocent animals, and also to ease the burden on animal welfare associations in Singapore.

Teh Bing by Cat Management Network on Scribd

We have spent $285.50 on Teh Bing’s veterinary bills. If you would like to assist us in clearing these expenses, and helping to care for sweet Teh Bing, do consider donating via the options displayed below.

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To donate via bank transfer:

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2) After contacting Denyse, transfer your desired amount into OCBC Frank 537-428336-001 (under the name Chang Weili, Denyse).

This can be done via Internet Banking or directly at any ATM or Cash Deposit Machine.

3) Once we have received the transfer, we will send you an electronic acknowledgement. A receipt will be mailed to you if you request so.